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Winter Style: How i keep in Chic in Vancouver weather

The weather is a constant topic is Canada. It's one of my biggest conversation starters ever. At work it is an icebreaker for the most awkward conversations, It sparks conversations between strangers on the train and in stores. I cannot over emphasize the importance of the weather especially in countries where it switches quite often.

I come from Nigeria where the weather is extremely hot 80 percent of the time (I am talking 32 degree celsius all year). Sign me up for shorts and crop tops all year round baby!

Anyways, living in Canada is quite different because it is quite the opposite. It is always cold. However, i try to make my outfits work and blend in with the weather and still manage to look gorgeous.

One way i do this is by layering. I buy thermal wears from stores like Uniqlo Canada. They have the best and most affordable thermal clothing i know about. I like thermal wear because you can wear it inside or over your actual clothing to keep warm.

Benefits of Thermal wear and Layering:

-You get more protection from the cold

-Outdoor activities become comfortable if you are dressed appropriately

-Sweat wicking fabric traits and easy movement

So there you have it. Invest in the right Thermal wear today and always try to layer your outfits. That way you can look Chic and comfortable all year round.

Please see below for links to my outfit and my thermal wear.

Coat: Club Monaco (I got this at the outlet store for $100 CAD)

Purse, Hat and pants are from H&M

Shoes: Missguided Square Toe Mules

Shirt: Old Navy Oversized Boyfriend Shirt for Women

Sweater: Oak and Fort Cropped Tan Sweater

Uniqlo Heattech Scoop Neck Long sleeve

Uniqlo Heattech Leggings

Your Girl,


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1 Comment

Tseyi Emami
Tseyi Emami
Feb 09, 2021

Love the outfit!

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